Underground controller


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Product Description

Although you can play Underground using the Wii U GamePad, actual motor skill training only takes place when using the custom made laparoscopic controller.

The laparoscopic controller’s two handsets each house a Wii Remote and a Wii Nunchuk. Each handset has a lance that is anchored to the playing field through a hinge joint. The playing field registers motion and rotation from each of the handsets using infrared light. This enables the player to control the game using motions identical to those performed during laparoscopic surgery.

Note for US customers: As of the beginning of 2019, Nintendo, the distributor of the game, has removed Underground from the US electronic Wii U store, as a preparation for discontinuing their Wii U platform. Nintendo will not allow Underground back onto their store. We have disabled the option to purchase the controller in this region.

What will you get?

  • The laparoscopic controller including the playing field and two handsets, with a manual. Batteries for the playing field are included.

What will you need in addition?

  • A Nintendo Wii U game console. Any of the available consumer models will suffice.
  • Two Wii Remote controllers and two Wii Nunchuk controllers. These do not come with Nintendo’s Wii U system by default. Sold separately at any toy store or ordered online (at for instance Amazon.com.) Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk controllers sold with the original Nintendo Wii game console are also compatible.
  • The game. The game can be ordered from Nintendo‚Äôs online eShop from within the Wii U game console.
  • Any television screen or monitor that has an HDMI connection.